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Online four colors cards are receiving great attention from a large number of players. When participating, players will have interesting betting experiences and great prize hunting opportunities. To be able to bet correctly in this game, bettors need to carefully grasp the information shared below.
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Learn details about the online four-color card game

This card game is one of the popular folk games in the North of our country. In this game, each player participating will need to calculate and think carefully.

As its name suggests, the game will need to use a set of 4 substances divided into different colors: blue, red, yellow and white. This song is similar to Tom’s Nest but the difference is the use of letters to differentiate.

When participating in four-color card betting online, players will have to come up with specific strategies. Because if you just play the wrong card, the opportunity to win seems to be missed. Therefore, the game is always known as one of the most difficult betting tables when players have to carefully calculate each move.

Online four-color card game with the most detailed rules

Four-color card game is not like regular red and black games when using a deck of 52 cards. This game will be played on a deck of 112 rectangular cards and distinguished by color and 7 letters on the cards. These 7 lines will be General, Soldier, Statue, Rook, Cannon, Horse, etc. These lines are printed in Chinese, so before betting, you need to learn first.

The way to play four colors online is similar to Tien Tien because the bettor will combine the cards into large sets to block the opponent. Decks that are validly created according to the game’s rules include:

  • Single set: In this set, there will need to be 1 general
  • Duo: Will be a combination of 2 cards of the same rank and must be the same color.
  • Set of three: The 3 pieces created in the set will need to have the same rank and color.
  • Set of 4: Players need to create a set of 4 cards of the same rank. In addition, this set is also made up of 4 different pawns.

When all members on the table have settled down, the Dealer will directly deal 20 cards to each player. Depending on the deck of cards given by the opponent, if there are no cards to block, you will need to draw more cards from the deck. The first player on the table to run out of cards or to win will win the entire prize.

Terminology to understand when participating in the online four-color card game

To be able to bet on this card game most accurately, you not only need to understand the rules of the game. The terms used are also content that players should remember.

  • Even: This term is used to refer to 1 – 4 Chess cards, the deck is made up of 3 – 4 Pawns of different colors. Or it can also be used to talk about a deck of cards with 2 – 4 cards of the same color and same rank.
  • Odd: The set is made up of 3 pieces of Rook – Cannon – Knight or General – Soldier – Bishop.
  • Junk: The term in this online four-color card game refers to cards that do not belong to the two groups above.
  • Die: The person who makes the bet on the betting table will be called the die. If a player breaks their mode in the game, all members need to start with a new mode.
  • Off the top: A term that refers to odd sets in the online four-color card game that are missing 1 card.
  • Merge: The odd set above gets 1 card from the opponent to create a complete set, called corpse.

How to participate in four colors online at the house 

If you don’t have too much time to play cards at casinos, you can choose to play games online. What you need to do is register an account, please follow these steps:
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  • Step 1: Find yourself a reputable dealer to participate in playing four colors online. Access the system via the latest updated official link. 
  • Step 2: In the upper right corner of the screen there will be a “Register” button, you need to immediately click on this icon. The information sheet to be filled in will be displayed, the player must provide all data as requested by the dealer.
  • Step 3: After completing the information, you need to check it again to ensure accuracy. Finally, press the “Confirm” button for the dealer to check and issue an account.
  • Step 4: After successful registration, you need to log in to your account and deposit money. Players need to choose the appropriate method and fill in the required information to make the transaction.
  • Step 5: Next, you just need to search for the four-color card game in the system. Choose the appropriate betting table and start betting and playing cards at the unit.

How to play four-color cards online to win big is passed down by experts

Not only do you need to clearly understand the betting rules, participating in four colors, players will have to remember the most effective strategies. From there, you increase your chances of winning big and receiving generous rewards. Below are some ways to play four colors online that are applied by many experts.

Always mastering the rules of the game is the top condition

No matter what card game they participate in, players must understand the rules and scoring rules. Understanding the basic game will also help bettors make better decisions in uncertain situations. The smartest way to play four-color cards online includes observing, judging and calculating the probability of the cards appearing. Thanks to that, you can operate most accurately as well as defeat your opponents and quickly receive victory.

The player’s psychology must always be very stable

Online four colors card game is said to be a very stressful psychological game. If you bet too much and let your emotions overwhelm you when playing, it’s easy to make wrong decisions. In this card game, all players need to calmly calculate how the cards should appear properly. Being mentally stable will also help members stay alert in each bet to avoid losing money unfairly.

Apply the trick of baiting cards

This is also one of the ways to play four colors online that many bettors apply. Players should play small, junk cards in their hands to encourage their opponents to release the cards they want. However, you also need to ensure that when you play a card, your existing sets are not affected.

Plan your bets

Betting planning is extremely important when players participate in the four-color card game. You need to choose the appropriate betting table according to your current capital. Make a careful plan for yourself about the amount of bets, how many games to participate in, etc. Don’t try to chase big bonuses when it can make gamblers go away faster.


Online four colors cards with detailed information about game rules as well as betting experience Bookmaker hi88 has been updated above. Hopefully, after learning, you can apply it successfully to bring yourself big wins.

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