What is an electronic commerce application

What is an electronic commerce application? How mobile apps can increase revenue

Our mobile devices are a major part of our daily lives when it comes to online shopping. It is particularly true when you use a shopping app. According to Forbes, 85 per cent of digital shoppers prefer dedicated ecommerce apps over desktop counterparts. Learn more about , and ecommerce app development companies.

Well-designed ecommerce software can do wonders for the bottom line of a business. Being prominently featured on the home page or alerts screen of a customer can provide additional marketing and brand loyalty opportunities. Learn more about mobile application development companies.

A shopping app for online stores

A mobile commerce app is an e-commerce application that allows users to make purchases at online stores using their mobile devices.

M-commerce apps can be beneficial to both businesses and consumers. Brands can interact more effectively with their target audiences in a designated space, while the audience can customize and direct their experience.

Social commerce is a growing trend that involves establishing online sales channels through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Social commerce is a growing trend and is certainly useful. However, when we use the term “e-commerce apps”, we are referring to software that is used for online shopping.

What are the functions of a typical ecommerce app?

There are some elements that are common to all mobile commerce apps.

The most important aspects of an app for shopping

  • Access to browsing tools and search engines. Any good ecommerce software should make it easy to find what you are looking for, be it a particular product or the latest offerings.
  • Shopping carts. Mobile commerce apps must have a shopping cart where users can easily add or remove products, change quantities and so on.
  • Client assistance. Clients may need help navigating an online store if they made a mistake at checkout, or if they want to return something or exchange it. The presence of e-commerce support in the app makes this process much easier.

Additions to an app for shopping

  • In-app alerts. Push notifications can be used to provide useful features such as cart reminders and customer restocking.
  • You can pay in several different ways. The ability to pay in multiple ways helps streamline the purchasing process. Customers can choose from a number of payment options, including major credit card companies, online payment processors such as PayPal, and services that allow them to “buy now, then pay later”, like Affirm.

E-commerce app categories

Mobile commerce apps fall into two main categories:

  • B2C. Most e-commerce apps today are business-to consumer applications. They allow for the easy transfer of money between buyers and sellers. One example is apps for online retailers such as Amazon and Nordstrom.
  • C2C. C2C applications facilitate the sale and buy of goods and services by connecting buyers and sellers. Examples include apps like Poshmark and eBay.

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