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Ball odds Although betting on soccer results is familiar, it can be difficult for newbies. If you are also familiar with this bet, explore it now!

The ball handicap is the most chosen by many beginners because it is easier to understand than other handicap bets. So how to determine win or loss and calculate the reward for this bet? Let’s learn the most important information about this type of handicap in our article New88 right here!
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What is a ball bet?

Football handicap betting is a method of predicting the total score of professional football matches around the world. This form of betting appears in Asian handicaps, when the two participating teams are considered to be equal in score.

Often, in Asian handicap matches, a handicap is applied to make both teams more evenly matched. When the handicap appears on the odds table at a rate of 0, showing that from the beginning both opponents have equal strength, it is called a equal bet. With this form, you can choose one of two betting options as follows:

  • Choose the home team if you think they will win the match in regular time (with any score).
  • Choose the away team if you believe they will win after 90 minutes of official play (including a few extra minutes in both halves).

This betting method can be applied in any tournament, as long as there are opponents who do not differ too much in strength. This is also the only ratio in the Asian handicap with real balance between the teams.

How to calculate ball odds

To understand how ball handicapping works and how to determine winning or losing results, it is necessary to understand in detail the prediction mechanisms according to the rules. Specifically, the method of determining and calculating the bet amount is as follows:

  • If you bet on the home team and they win, regardless of the exact score, you will also win, getting paid according to the odds. On the contrary, if the home team fails, you will lose all the money you bet from the beginning.
  • When choosing the away team and the home team wins, you will be considered a loser and lose the capital you bet. However, if the away team “holds the trophy”, the bettor will receive a bonus corresponding to the ball odds according to regulations.
  • In addition, the match may end in a draw, in which case all participants will receive a full and prompt refund of their original bet.

This is the basic betting mechanism of soccer betting, in which the result of the match determines whether you win or lose. At the same time, it also depends on the specific choice which team you bet on to receive the maximum reward.

Tips for handicap betting on 100 matches and 100 wins

Football is a king sport that attracts all ages around the world. So what could be happier than watching top matches while earning bonuses? To do so, you should immediately pocket the following ball betting experiences:

Collect information intelligently

Taking advantage of the ability to collect and analyze information when facing the “task” of betting on two teams is a strategic job. To be able to make accurate and effective football betting predictions, it is extremely important to access and collect all information related to the teams participating in the match.

The process of collecting information does not stop at learning about player composition, playing style, performance, but also includes evaluating the business situation, information about the coach, and changes in the team. the image and psychology of the team.

By combining and extensively analyzing this information, you will build a comprehensive picture of both teams. From there, it is possible to create a solid basis for decision making in football betting.
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Use strategic betting methods

Continuously combine and use classic betting strategies such as folding, dividing capital, etc. to show flexibility and create the ability to bring great efficiency when predicting ball odds. These techniques are considered by many experts to be a subtle art in optimizing benefits from each bet.

These strategies have been tested and proven to make a significant difference in managing risk and maximizing betting profits. To put it more simply, you must know how to manage your capital intelligently. Split your capital when your finances are low and spend more heavily if you want to get rich quickly.

Be careful of betting that is too fragrant

Matches that have a clear difference but offer equal odds often do not bring a sense of safety and reliability. It is possible that prediction organizations have created such bets not to accurately reflect actual developments but perhaps to entice.

The “lure” bet challenges and makes you fall into the trap of temporary attraction. So be careful and consider carefully when faced with opportunities that seem “too good”, to avoid potential risks and protect your interests when betting online.

Thus, through the article, it can be said that the ball handicap is the most accessible among the handicaps. As long as you are careful in determining the match with two teams of equal strength, the chance of success will be very high. Don’t miss out on other great soccer betting tips by updating and following  New88 regularly!

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