TOP 6 best fighting chicken breeds – Vietnamese fighting chickens are in the top

Whether a fighting cock is good or not depends on many factors. In addition to the training and care of the cocker, the breed has a great influence on the fighting ability of a cock. So want to find looks like a good fighting chicken best If you love cockfighting, don’t miss the top article New88 Share below.
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Kelso Chicken – The best fighting chicken breed

The best fighting chicken breed Of course, the American Kelso chicken line is indispensable. It is no coincidence that this breed of chicken is so loved by cockfighters in Asia as well as across continents. Kelso is a fighting chicken line originating from America. They stand out with their intelligent playing style. During the match, Kelso’s cock showed his bravery with strong kicks and impressive calculation.

Instead of rushing in, flying straight towards the opponent, they will find ways to move skillfully and wriggle. After approaching, the Kelso cock will use force to deliver a fatal blow with just 1 or 2 kicks. Outstanding with its tactical fighting style and high winning ability, this American chicken breed is highly sought after. Characteristics to recognize American Kelso are yellow fur, sharp eyes with a round and square head. Kelso fighting chicken feet are white and have a western crest.

Albany chicken breed

In the list of best fighting chicken breeds, Albany is famous for its playfulness. They have a beautiful appearance with main red fur combined with dark gray spots. The most impressive point in Albany’s kicking style is the power of his attacks. Along with that is the ability to withstand extremely good damage.

The Albany cocks will play to the end in a “lose, lose” style. As long as there is an opportunity, they will strike and cause the opponent to receive a fatal wound. The crossbreeding between these The best fighting chicken breed created a special Albany line with the ability to become the number 1 fighter in the cockfighting ring.

The best fighting chicken breed – Indispensable is the fiery Peruvian breed

The “bulky” appearance of Peruvian fighting cocks has become their advantage in strength when competing with other opponents. Not only that, Peruvian fighting chickens also have the ability to move quickly, different from the massive, heavy-looking body they possess. This is the reason, Peruvian fighting cocks are always present in professional cockfighting arenas.

Compared to other fighting chicken breeds, Peruvian chickens have a higher fighting spirit. They also know how to launch dangerous, clever kicks. Thanks to their outstanding appearance and kicking skills, they have helped them gain a position in the top The best fighting chicken breed.

Asil chicken

Asil is definitely not to be missed at the top fighting cocks at cockfighting arenas. This fighting chicken breed has a round head, yellowish legs, and characteristic bright red feathers. Besides, Asil chickens also have broad shoulders and small beaks but are capable of pecking with great, dangerous force.

The typical fighting style of the Asil breed is strong, durable, resilient and flexible. In fights with Asil, cockfighters will admire extremely wild attacks and bloody battles. Combined with intelligence and knowing when to attack, they have become the most sought-after breed of good fighting chickens.

Breed chicken

Not too surprising at the top The best fighting chicken breed There is the appearance of bantam chickens. Because this is the number 1 fighting chicken breed in our country with fighting skills that are not inferior to any “foreign” chicken breed. The fighting cock breed is unique to our country, famous for its decisive, intelligent and cunning fighting style. Even though their bodies are small, they are extremely aggressive and their endurance is also extremely impressive. We can mention some localities with the best fighting chicken breeds such as Tho Ha, Do Son, Van Ho, Cao Lanh, etc.


Chicken Sweater

It is not surprising that the Sweater fighting chicken breed also appears in the top of the best fighting chicken breeds. Watching cockfighting matches with the appearance of Sweater, you will recognize the typical fighting style of this chicken breed. They have a compact body and the ability to move quickly and flexibly. Along with that is very impressive durability.

Sweaters are a breed that specializes in spurs, so their bodies are not too bulky or small. Instead, it has a toned body, exuding agility and wisdom. Combined with durable fighting power, fighting spirit, especially good flying ability. Sweater fighting cock brings dramatic matches.

This good fighting chicken breed strikes with fast speed and high accuracy. Therefore, the opponent only needs to receive one blow from the Sweater cock to be defeated. With a small lung size and deep position, it is difficult for the opponent to hit it. A chicken breed with few disadvantages like the Sweater does not need to be on the field yet, which is enough for opponents to be wary. This is the reason why many breeders spend a large amount of money to buy a fighting cock of the Sweater breed.


Top The best fighting chicken breed but New88 Summarized above, hopefully it will help you choose a good fighting cock. Each breed has its own unique characteristics and advantages. Choose for yourself a fighter with outstanding genes to increase your chances of winning against your opponent in the cockfighting ring.

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